The time it takes to FULLY resolve an issue is crucial in excellent customer service. We all want to have our issues resolved quickly and effectively.

Fast to Address, Quick to Resolve, and Happy to Help!

In our continuing blog series, we are covering what comes next!

Step 2: Measure Response Time

Now that you are resolving issues quickly, the next thing you’ll want to look at is how long it takes for the team to first respond and also how long it takes to fully resolve customer inquiries.

This is a huge gap for businesses using email alone to manage their support cases.

Email Alone Isn’t Measurable.

If your support team is just running on individual or shared email accounts, there is no way to know how long it takes to get back to customers or resolve cases, and worse, emails can “fall through the cracks.”

With a system like FuseDesk, not only can you measure response times and see how quickly your team is handling cases, but you can course correct based on the response times you’re seeing.

FuseDesk utilizes a color-coding system to show which cases need attention, and in turn which reps and which departments have cases needing attention.

Cases age from green for cases that have been recently updated through yellow to red for cases that haven’t been updated in a long time.

These color codes are adjustable on a department-by-department basis so you can have a better response time standard for one department versus another.

One of our customers, Richard, runs a law firm. He’s an attorney who understands marketing.

In his business, when prospects are looking for a law firm, they need a law firm now, and if they don’t hear back from one right away, they often move on to the next firm. With a high cost per lead, his acquisition cost per customer skyrockets when his team isn’t following up on leads quickly.

With the adjustable department color-coding system in FuseDesk, Richard was able to set cases in his Hot Leads department to go from green to yellow in a matter of minutes so that he and his team could track when a lead wasn’t getting a response right away.

Email alone can’t show you how quickly your team is responding to and resolving customer cases, and it can’t produce reports on case volume or case resolution time. A proper help desk system like FuseDesk is built with customer satisfaction and resolution in mind.

It’s as Simple as That!

It’s not enough to just respond. A customer will not feel fully validated if the issue at hand isn’t addressed quickly and effectively! Take the steps to ensure your customer base isn’t looking for a better solution and moving on!