Setting up your own knowledge base couldn’t be easier!

Most of our customers host their Knowledge Base on WordPress, a free open source Content Management System (CMS) that integrates beautifully with FuseDesk.

1. Installing WordPress

If you already have WordPress, you can skip this section.

Setup WordPress with your existing web hosting provider, or download and setup according to the instructions

2. Install the FuseDesk Plugin for WordPress

Download and upload our free WordPress plugin to your site

  1. Click on Plugins in WordPress
  2. Click on Add New
  3. In the search box, type in FuseDesk
  4. Click Install next to our plugin
  5. Click Activate to activate the FuseDesk plugin
  6. Click on Settings and then FuseDesk
  7. Enter your app name and click Get API Key to get started!

3. Write your Articles

Now it’s time for you to write your content!

  1. Click on Posts
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Write away and click Publish!
  4. Make sure to select good categories for your posts to keep them well organized.

4. Add the New Case form

If your customers still have questions, it’s nice for them to be able to open a new support ticket in FuseDesk right from your site.

  1. Create a Contact Us page by clicking on Pages and Add New
  2. On the page, click to add a New Block and choose the FuseDesk New Case block (Or, if you’re still using shortcodes, use the
    Your Name: Your Email Address: How can we help you?

    Powered by FuseDesk, Your Help Desk and Messaging Platform

  3. Click Publish

That’s the simple version of it! The rest is up to you to create great content, setup membership sites, and more!