Our team of experts is standing by to help you get your knowledge base setup and online.

You can easily set this up yourself, or hire us to setup and integrate your knowledge base or membership site and even import your posts for you.

There are three ways that we can get you setup.

Integrate Your Existing Site

If you have an existing site built on WordPress, Customer Hub, or another Content Management System (CMS), we can import and setup your posts for you, and allow for instant case creation by your customers in FuseDesk.

Dedicated Site on your Server

Looking for a fresh knowledge base site for your customers to find answers? We’ll setup WordPress on your server or help you get a new server setup with one of our preferred providers and complete the import and integration.

Dedicated Site on our Servers

If you’d prefer, we’re happy to host your dedicated WordPress based knowledge base for you and handle the hosting, setup, integration, and maintenance.

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Focus on your customers, not your software. Try FuseDesk absolutely free. No credit cards. No time limit. No obligations. You’re going to love FuseDesk, the new way to helpdesk.