Fix Your Funnel + FuseDesk

Chat one-on-one with your prospects and customers right in FuseDesk when they reply to your Fix Your Funnel SMS text broadcasts!

Combine Fix Your Funnel Automation with FuseDesk Chat

Leverage the power of Fix Your Funnel and automated FunnelBots and when your prospects and customers engage and want to connect with your team, they simply reply to your Fix Your Funnel SMS and you pickup the conversation in FuseDesk.

FYF FunnelBots

Fix Your Funnel FunnelBots allow you to create automated interactive lead capture right into Infusionsoft all from an SMS conversation.


FuseDesk Chat

Chat with your prospects and customers right in FuseDesk. By SMS. With your numbers already in Fix Your Funnel.

Automated SMS + Broadcasts

Leverage Fix Your Funnel to send automated SMS text messages out from your Infusionsoft campaigns. Replies come right to FuseDesk!

What Else Does Fix Your Funnel Do for Infusionsoft?

Fix Your Funnel (FYF) also helps you with Infusionsoft One-Click Upsells, Send Out Cards, Campaign Builder and Broadcast Email Split-Testing, Mobile Surveys, Video Tracking, Facebook Custom Audience Syncing, and MORE!


Fix Your Funnel and FuseDesk
FuseDesk with Fix Your Funnel

How are Fix Your Funnel Customers Using FuseDesk?

FYF Customers are enabling FuseDesk right in FYF so that incoming SMS and MMS messages to their existing numbers flow directly into FuseDesk so all pre-sales and customer SMS chats are in one place with one-click FuseDesk case creation, automation, and more! Never lose track of a customer inquiry again, see how well your team is doing, and follow up with ease.

Delighting Your Customers Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

WOW your customers, convert more prospects, and support your members with FuseDesk, THE Integrated Help Desk and Messaging Platform for Infusionsoft. Supercharge your FuseDesk app with Fix Your Funnel.

"It's exactly what you want, just one phone number. That's the beautiful part about our partnership. We love making it easy for you to do the right thing. Take those broadcasts, start making those conversations two way - not just one way - with Fix Your Funnel and FuseDesk."

– Ryan Chapman, Fix Your Funnel