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Recipient of FuseDesk’s Commitment to Excellence Award

Rockwell Trading's Markus
FuseDesk Commitment To Excellence Award

Day traders find they have friends 24/7.

Now a best-selling author and international speaker, the founder of the Rockwell Trading Services did not have such a picture-perfect life 16 years ago.

“I was at IBM and had the illusion of job security,” shares Markus Heitkoetter. Then, he launched Rockwell Trading in 2005, building software that helps day traders like him to seek financial independence. What began as one man’s mission to trade stocks in his socks, now serves 340,000 traders in 38 countries.

Having walked in the day trader’s shoes, Heitkoetter knows what they need to succeed. The top tools are a reliable software system they can believe in and a trusted source for support. It is the stock market, after all, and many coming to Rockwell Trading’s website or seminars may be entirely new to day trading.

So, above and beyond its educational events and software, Rockwell Trading’s team provides telephone and chat support. As Rockwell Trading continues expanding, the need to scale marketing and support have grown, too. Given the business model, the customer’s experience from first contact through lifetime support called for an integrated approach.

For that transformation, Markus relies on the expertise of his CEO, Debbie Montis. Her focus on the development and implementation of solid processes and infrastructure have allowed the company to experience growth without losing its ability to personally embrace every client.

Keeping it simple isn’t always simple.

In the face of growth and complexity, Debbie remains focused on the beautiful simplicity of Markus’ day trading system.

“He created the PowerX Strategy to do it in 15 minutes a day. Fifteen minutes is all you need for stocks and options. People can get results without spending the whole day in front of their laptops.”

Likewise, the mission is simple: Improve the quality of life and financial future of their clients with proven trading systems and powerful trading tools. Then, take each and every customer under their wing. For most customers, this moment of truth comes once they attend a live training and enroll in one of their exclusive coaching programs.

“About 30 percent become customers, the rest choose to go it alone,” Debbie observes. “For many, that seminar, book [“The complete guide to Day Trading” and “The PowerX Strategy”], or Podcast [“The Truth about Trading”] is the only opportunity they’ll have to get information and support.”

Markus picked Debbie for a reason. She continues to leverage software and processes that workwithout losing the human touch.

“We have the right team at the right size. We’ve added chat but had to be sure there’s always someone behind the chat box.”

One stock they won’t trade.

To handle support for 340,000 customers and many times more in leads and prospects, Rockwell uses FuseDesk.

“I can’t imagine us operating without FuseDesk,” Debbie says. FuseDesk is an active game changer. FuseDesk would have made a huge difference at my last company. I can’t imagine having to do all of this in Infusionsoft CRM alone or with a different system. FuseDesk puts all the correct pieces in place and holds our team accountable.

The success team at Rockwell embrace the technology, and Debbie cites the unusually self-motivated culture.

“Some come to our live trainings from out of town, and our team will help them with hotel arrangements. They will go above and beyond.” From initial inquiry, every lead is treated like a customer in FuseDesk.

“They see what’s open, who sent it, the full history,” adds Debbie. “We love seeing who is assigned to what, and if it’s been replied to or not. Seeing the timestamp on there, all those details at a glance. It’s pretty bad-ass. We love it.

Trend spotting.

What’s on the horizon for Rockwell Trading Services?

Markus has just released a new book called the PowerX Strategy which means a new avalanche of content, conferences and customers seeking ideas and tricks of the trade. As the resident cheerleader, he relies on Debbie to make the numbers work.

Using features like team activity reports, Debbie and the crew can constructively study the green, yellow, and red “gemstones”.

“Right now, I’m looking at FuseDesk, and there’s fewer than ten open cases.”

Her team’s commitment to excellence is a trend both she and Markus love to see.

Excellence is Attainable.

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“FuseDesk is an active game changer. I can’t imagine having to do all of this in Infusionsoft CRM alone or with a different system. FuseDesk puts all the correct pieces in place and holds our team accountable.”

– Debbie Montis, Rockwell Trading