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FuseDesk is your Help Desk and Messaging Platform for ActiveCampaign empowering you to meet your customers where they are with Support Ticketing, Email, Live Chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger and more!

Invite ActiveCampaign Users to FuseDesk

Invite Your ActiveCampaign Team

With our LoginSync technology, you can easily invite your ActiveCampaign team to log right into FuseDesk!

No need to set up team members manually in FuseDesk and no new usernames for your team.

Enable Email Forwarding in FuseDesk

Emails Direct to FuseDesk

Simply forward your existing support@ and info@ like email addresses into FuseDesk with ease.

With forwarding turned on, support emails come into FuseDesk, we automagically link the emails to the right ActiveCampaign contact, save the email to the contact record in ActiveCampaign, and let your team get to work on delighting your customer.

ActiveCampaign connected to FuseDesk Case Queues

Two Simple Screens

Instead of training your team and new hires on all of ActiveCampaign, simply show them FuseDesk’s two simple screens!

First are Case Queues where you can see a live updating list of cases in a given queue like your Inbox, a colleague’s inbox or cases assigned to a department.

FuseDesk Case View connected to ActiveCampaign Contacts

Resolve a Case

The second screen in FuseDesk is where you actually resolve cases.

In this Case View, you can the full details of the linked ActiveCampaign Contact, one-click access the ActiveCampaign contact, reply via email, log a note or a call, run ActiveCampaign Automation, apply ActiveCampaign Tags, and more!

But But That’s Not All…

FuseDesk Makes It Easy to Handle Your Cases with Ease!

Use ActiveCampaign Saved Responses as Email Templates in FuseDesk

Reply with ActiveCampaign Templates

Access all of your existing ActiveCampaign Saved Response email templates right inside of FuseDesk and create new custom reply templates to handle your most frequently asked questions.

Tap into all of your ActiveCampaign custom merge fields to personalize your emails and notes. You can even include custom fields such as order information or a member’s username and password to access a membership site!

Log Calls and Notes

Easily log phone calls and internals notes right on a case in FuseDesk.

Phone calls and internal notes can even leverage powerful FuseDesk note templates including ActiveCampaign merge fields!

All logged calls and internal notes are also stored on the contact’s record in ActiveCampaign with a link back to the case in FuseDesk!

Run ActiveCampaign Automation and apply ActiveCampaign Tags right from FuseDesk

Run Automation

Leverage the full power of ActiveCampaign by running Automations right from FuseDesk.

Need to cancel a subscription, untag someone as a current customer, tag someone as a past customer, remove site access, and add them to a reactivation campaign?

Easy! One Click runs the ActiveCampaign Automation AND saves the results to case history.

ActiveCampaign shows full FuseDesk case history

Case History in ActiveCampaign!

If your team is trying to track your existing email or help desk cases in ActiveCampaign, this typically involves wasted time copying, pasting, and switching between multiple systems a dozen times just to get back to one customer.

FuseDesk handles all of this automagically behind the scenes! Inbound emails, reply emails, calls, internal notes, live chats, SMS conversations, Facebook Messages and more are stored on the ActiveCampaign contact record!

Transfer and Escalate Cases

Each FuseDesk case is assigned to one rep in one department. No more “lost” emails or emails “falling through the cracks.”

Cases can be easily transferred between team members, or escalated to supervisors or managers as needed assuring that customers get the help they need – fast.

ActiveCampaign FuseDesk Gem Stones and Recent Activity in FuseDesk

Gem Stones + Recent Activity

Our colored “gemstones” on the side of FuseDesk show you at a glance which departments and reps are staying on top of their cases and where help might be needed.

Couple that with our live “Recent Activity” feed and you can see everything happening in your app as it happens.

Built-In Reporting

“What Gets Measured Get’s Done” – Peter Drucker

With FuseDesk’s suite of reports, you can quickly see how quickly cases are getting assigned, responded to, and resolved. You can track how satisfied your customers are. You can even spot trends between reps or departments.

Reports can be easily exported and even added directly into your third party dashboards!

Not Just Cases – Messaging, Too!

FuseDesk is Your Messaging Platform for ActiveCampaign!

Live Chat for ActiveCampaign

Chat with your website visitors right from FuseDesk. Get the information your team needs to close more sales and support your customers.

Live Chats automagically link to your ActiveCampaign contacts and your team can run ActiveCampaign automations right from the live chat!

Facebook Messenger for ActiveCampaign

Your customers are looking for you on Facebook. They want to message your business. Is your team prepared to respond and support your clients?

With FuseDesk Chat, your team can respond to Facebook Messenger chats right from FuseDesk. Intelligently link chats directly to the right ActiveCampaign contact, run ActiveCampaign automation, and more!

SMS Text Message Chats for ActiveCampaign

Automated text messages to your list can be wonderful, but what do you do when your prospect or customer texts you back?

With FuseDesk’s SMS text messaging, your team can get text responses directly into FuseDesk Chat. FuseDesk Automagically links chats directly to the right ActiveCampaign contact, and empowers your team to run ActiveCampaign automation, and more!

Getting Started Has Never Been Easier!

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“Setting up our FuseDesk app was incredibly easy. It was a simple three step process that I could have done in my sleep. Thanks!”

– Ian Welsh, CFO, GoMobile Solutions