#GivingTuesday 2018 with FuseDesk and Village Enterprise

Entrepreneurship means the world to business owners like you and me.

Being an entrepreneur is more than just freedom and a livelihood…

Running a business allows us to provide for our family, for our community, for our clients and more…

But… not everyone has it as easy as we do.

That’s why for the past 4 years, we’ve partnered with Village Enterprise in teaching entrepreneurship in Sub Saharan-Africa where each new business with three entrepreneurs lifts 20 people out of extreme poverty.

Since 1987, Bay Area based Village Enterprise has developed a cost-effective, innovative, and high-impact solution.

Over 43,000 businesses have been started, training 169,000 entrepreneurs and transforming 940,000 lives.

Even more impressive, 75% of their businesses are still in operation after 4 years.

The best part is that over the past 3 decades they’ve continued to refine their model and $690 is all it takes to fund a new business through Village Enterprise. This covers training, materials, mentorship, follow up, and accountability.

It’s because of their focus, third party randomized controlled trial (RCT) validation, and solid track record of impact through sustainable entrepreneurship that we continue to grow our partnership not just as proud members of 1% for the Planet, but as entrepreneurs who believe in making a lasting impact and Empowering Entrepreneurs’ Commitment to Excellence.

So here’s my opportunity for you…

When you donate to Village Enterprise this #GivingTuesday, we’ve got some super special Thank You gifts in store for you.

Let’s help the world through entrepreneurship together. Today. Right Now.

“Village Enterprise works to end extreme poverty in rural Africa through entrepreneurship and innovation. Our model is simple and cost-effective.

The Village Enterprise one-year Graduation program provides groups of three entrepreneurs with seed capital, training and ongoing mentoring by a local business mentor.

We organize the business groups into Business Savings Groups (BSGs) of 30 entrepreneurs (10 business groups) to allow access to growth capital, provide a safe place for savings, and build social capital.

Integrated conservation training ensures that new business activities promote environmental best practices.

Examples of businesses include livestock, farming, small retail stores and restaurants, tailoring, and beekeeping.”

Village Enterprise's Lucy Wurtz, FuseDesk Founder Jeremy Shapiro, Village Enterprise's Taddeo Muriuki

Village Enterprise’s Lucy Wurtz, FuseDesk Founder Jeremy Shapiro, Village Enterprise’s Taddeo Muriuki