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Recipient of FuseDesk’s Commitment to Excellence Award

ReadyToGo Newsletters, Recipient of FuseDesk’s Commitment to Excellence Award. Athena Haritatos.
FuseDesk 2020 Commitment to Excellence

Athena Haritatos, a Born Entrepreneur

Athena Haritatos, acting owner and Director of Operations for ReadyToGo Newsletters, feels that entrepreneurship is in her blood.

That’s why when she saw the opportunity to get on board and run ReadyToGo Newsletters, she jumped at the chance. The venture would give her the opportunity to put her real estate operations and marketing background to good use.

 “We provide customizable templates for our clients – real estate agents, loan officers, accountants and others,” she said. “The goal is to deliver newsletters as ‘ready to go’ as possible. We can also handle printing, mailing and social media.”

Playing to the Customer

Athena grew up with an entrepreneurial mindset. Her dad was successful working for himself from the young age of 14 to his current age, 74. “All in all, my parents had 26 business – from a drive-in movie theater to cleaners, cafes, restaurants, manufacturing, wholesale businesses and real estate,” said Athena.

“The way his mind works is different from a typical 9-5 employee. His whole focus is always on the customer. Without the customer, the business doesn’t exist. That’s been passed down to me in every business I’ve been in.”

“Our clients are the ones that pay for our salaries and our business. We have to make life easier for our customers so they want to stay with us. They’re the reason we’re able to stay in business.”

Going the Extra Mile

Athena said that at ReadyToGo Newsletters they go out of their way to serve their customers, even if the issue is outside of the scope of what they do. Their philosophy is to give customers what they need, when they need it. “Customer service guides the choices we make, from technology to content,” she said.

“The little extra things that provide Customer Delight are not much work for us, and people really appreciate the effort. Kyla, our Production Manager, sent one client pre-release content to get it through compliance, even though it wasn’t ready for customers yet. The customer was over the moon about it and it was easy for Kyla to do.”

“Customer Delight is something we’re always aiming for. The FuseDesk rating system is an external gauge on how well our team is doing. With the feedback and rating system, we get a visual representation. We sometimes send out surveys, but we’re mostly using FuseDesk ratings.”

Systemizing Customer Service with FuseDesk

Athena said that FuseDesk is an outstanding communication tool. “It’s a much better way to share information across different team members. Cases need to be on their Infusionsoft record and FuseDesk ties everything together.”  

“FuseDesk lets our team see related cases, call notes, and emails, regardless of who is on the team. FuseDesk Case Tags organize case types so we know what new content and products to create based on frequent issues.”

“I’ve played around a lot with Automations to funnel sales conversations to me in FuseDesk and get support requests to the support team. Something I absolutely adore are our FuseDesk templates.” Athena also likes the integration with Infusionsoft. “That was big. Everything just connected. No more jumping between systems. It’s the deciding factor.”

Looking Ahead

Athena said that using FuseDesk has allowed the company to shift from being reactive to proactive. “Before FuseDesk, we responded to everything manually – even the same responses, typed, by hand, over and over,” she said. “Now we can get back to customers more quickly and save time for our support team.”

“We’re looking at ways to build better relationships and connect with clients outside of their requests, and be on the phone a bit more. I would like us to be more like account managers with advice and feedback to get better results, versus just being reactive. FuseDesk lets us do that.”

Excellence is Attainable.

Find out how businesses like yours are delighting their customers with FuseDesk, THE Integrated Help Desk and Messaging Platform for Small Business.

“Before FuseDesk, we responded to everything manually – even the same responses, typed, by hand, over and over. Now we can get back to customers more quickly and save time for our support team.”

– Athena Haritatos, ReadyToGo Newsletters