Lost Empire Herbs

Recipient of FuseDesk’s Commitment to Excellence Award

Lost Empire Herbs - FuseDesk Commitment to Excellence
FuseDesk Commitment To Excellence Award

Lost Empire Herbs is anything but lost.

Once in a blue moon, you come across a leader who thinks, talks and acts at a higher level. This one’s name is Logan Christopher, and his online herb supplement business embodies an entrepreneur who is “at one” with the mission, vision and values.

“Part of our greater mission,” says Logan, the youthful CEO of Lost Empire Herbs“is to change the lives of one million people.”

Intelligent, even-keeled, Logan articulates this without one whiff of marketing fluff.

“We focus on potent herbs that people will actually feel the effects from. We guarantee it or money back,” continues Logan. Living up to its name, Lost Empire features products based on holistic healing — including Ayurvedic medicine, developed more than 3,000 years ago in India. It’s all part of a belief system that pursues health and wellness through balancing the mind, body, and spirit.

Naturally, holistic herbs as a business is nothing new under the sun. So what is it about Lost Empire that’s finding more and more customers?

Service is dead, long live experience.

What distinguishes Long Empire Herbs is not just good marketing and supply chain management. How it treats customers has created a buzz — and keeps them coming back.

“Service is reactive,” observes Logan of the service-side of the business. “Customer experience is proactive, doing what you’re doing by design. It is about wowing the customer.”

The pony-tailed former athlete turned CEO attributes the wow factor to three pillars. One is the quality of the herbs themselves. But educational content and spot-on service are the other two legs that customers feel they’ve found a trusted advisor in holistic medicine.

“Half of our testimonials speak directly to one of the three pillars and very often customer delight comes up in testimonials.”

And so goes the 1,000,000-lives-changed countdown.

Healing the growing pains.

Make no mistake, this company’s growth goes beyond any single ingredient. Logan’s three pillars incorporate highly personalized experiences. From ride-along letters with every shipment and free samples to very different sequences for its VIP customers, the wow factor starts with great marketing.

That successful formula, however, came bumps and bruises from fast-rising order volume, supply shortages, and finding the right people at the right time.

“Upgrading our systems and building our team, unfortunately some things can fall through the cracks.”

With its focus on the customer, technology became Logan’s best friend in order to scale Lost Empire Herbs. Since the company’s primary distribution is via Amazon, customer reviews rule the day. The average buyer, Logan quickly learned, knows little to nothing when searching for herbal supplements — only that they desire to move in the direction of “holism.”

That means each and every inquiry is an opportunity to differentiate the brand. Turning to FuseDesk enabled the customer experience team to leverage great content at greater scale.

“The templates have been huge,” Logan says of FuseDesk’s ability to automate what to say or send and when. “We have everything templated out.”

Logan picked FuseDesk because it integrated with his Infusionsoft CRM and lets the representatives pull up the customer information as fast as possible. That FuseDesk also empowers reps to leverage pre-populated response templates makes better use of everyone’s time — and gives customers answers in moments rather than minutes or days.

Bottling excellence.

What else is technology like FuseDesk doing to keep lightning in a bottle for Logan’s team? One key feature has been case reporting.

“Case tags have been really useful,” Logan adds, referring to being able to tag an incident in the software, making it easier to follow up or report on anything related to that tag. “We’ve wanted to pull up certain information and using case tags has been helpful.”

Attention to every detail and knowing his customer also sets Logan and Long Empire Herbs apart from the competition. It is no surprise that this self-actualized CEO recognizes where and when to let go and let technology do its thing.

Beyond the compelling numbers, it is this CEO’s alignment of mission with execution that drove this award for “Commitment to Excellence.”

Excellence is Attainable.

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“Each and every inquiry is an opportunity to differentiate our brand. Turning to FuseDesk enabled the customer experience team to leverage great content at greater scale. We have everything templated out. We picked FuseDesk because it integrates with Infusionsoft and lets my team pull up customer information as fast as possible.”

– Logan Christopher, Lost Empire Herbs