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Recipient of FuseDesk’s Commitment to Excellence Award

FuseDesk Commitment To Excellence Award

Digital stress relief is real deal.

It won best new app at the largest consumer electronics event of 2019 and was featured in the pages of Fortune magazine.

Checking out #BrainTap on social media, you may find the mentions of actresses, UFC fighters, and Super Bowl quarterbacks.

School systems began using it for at-risk children. One got such great results, they opened up its use to the whole student population.

Duke University’s student union referred stressed-out undergrads to use BrainTap. Now, more universities are rolling it out.

BrainTap App

Results among veterans suffering from PTSD have been promising, so research is now underway to prove out its effectiveness.

What makes BrainTap so special that it stands out in the otherwise over-hyped realms of meditation and mindfulness?

“The biggest thing is that people feel more calm, more focused right away,” says Patrick Porter, PhD, founder of BrainTap.

Relax, it’s technology.

The North Carolina-based digital wellness company’s primary product is its BrainTap Pro application. The app offers different levels of membership and works on mobile devices. Upgrades include a headset that integrates visual effects with the audio. Also setting BrainTap apart is an option to visit one of thousands of clinics for help under medical supervision.

Top of mind, BrainTap has proven to help the root of many evils: sleeplessness. Patrick takes doses of his own app’s medicine each day. It helps him keep pace as a globe-trotting speaker on wellness and the CEO of what definitely is a technology company.

“We have 38,000 listeners at any one time,” says Patrick. “If a session isn’t playing, we will hear about it.”

He’s referring to 800 sessions his subscribers download to retrain the brain.

“We train the brain with full spectrum brainwave training. Ninety percent of people who try meditation quit within a week. Our average users continue 28 days per month. We have a one percent churn rate.”

That spectacularly low turnover speaks to BrainTap’s effectiveness. And its authentic care for its customers.

“Our goal is to have a seamless, no-friction user experience from the moment someone downloads our app. We’re trying to de-stress people. We don’t want our app to stress people out.”

There’s an app for that app.

More than 1,000,000 sessions later, BrainTap’s CEO also learned how to run an emerging technology company. One application he turned to was FuseDesk, the support system that integrates with Infusionsoft by Keap.

He also learned how to use FuseDesk as more than a help desk solution.

“FuseDesk helps us to organize our development plan and our product roadmap. We’re documenting what our current users want and need.”

Patrick points out that BrainTap today is a different product than it was a year ago.

“It’s a totally new design specifically based on the feedback we received in FuseDesk.”

One thing customers wanted were playlists. BrainTap responded with the Sleep Bundle, Optimum Health, and their popular WakeUp Series.

“People wanted to know what sessions to use in the evening, in the morning. Those questions came into FuseDesk. We researched them as cases that transformed the usability of the app.” 

Service brain-teaser.

Using FuseDesk to its fullest potential should be no surprise in the case of BrainTap. Everything about Patrick and his team speak to higher-level thinking.

“Take an attitude of service. Help people. Then you’ll make money. If your focus is on the money before people, you’ll always fail. Come first with your heart, then follow it up with your brain.”

Truer words, right?

It is this kind of thinking that’s clearly working at BrainTap. So, this Commitment to Excellence award is a no-brainer.

Excellence is Attainable.

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“FuseDesk helps us to organize our development plan and our product roadmap. We’re documenting what our current users want and need. Our BrainTap product is much different than it was a year ago. It’s a totally new design specifically based on the feedback we received in FuseDesk.”

Patrick Porter, PhD, Founder of BrainTap.