Recipient of FuseDesk’s Commitment to Excellence Award

Access1Source Team
FuseDesk Commitment To Excellence Award

Putting people first. And keeping it real.

While HR and payroll systems is a crowded space, Access1Source leverages two secret ingredients to market its workforce management solutions. The culture is firmly rooted in people first. And they’ll make you chuckle when you’re talking on the phone.

“Southwest Airlines and the whole customer experience really impacted me,” says Michael, CEO. “Herb Kelleher was a major influence. We are free to be ourselves in our interactions with our customers, they’re free to be themselves.”

Michael has led Access1Source since its founding in 1993. What’s his third not-so-secret ingredient to longevity?

“Underpromise. Overdeliver. Make the customer happy. We’re in a service business. If we keep customers happy, they stay with us.”

A workday like no other.

Sometimes, excellence means sheer grit. Managers at Access1Source recently stayed on the phones until midnight on a Friday, then resumed again Saturday morning. Was this a life or death situation? Well, sort of. It was professional baseball.

One of their customers suits up the vendors at stadiums. They had a sudden influx of 400 new employees. Those new folks needed to be onboarded in the HR system if baseball fans hoped to have any hot dogs that weekend.

“In a day when most customer service is an automated attendant,” cited Michael, “hoping to talk to a human being five minutes later, we provide an experience. It’s a personal connection.

So, yes. Where it concerns baseball and apple pie, Access1Source does what it takes.

Speaking of tickets.

This letter from a customer sums up why Access1Source earned the “Commitment to Excellence” award.
This letter from a customer sums up why Access1Source earned the “Commitment to Excellence” award.

Michael attributes the firm’s latest leap forward in customer experience to their support system. Integrated with Infusionsoft CRM, his company added FuseDesk for tickets and call center support.

“Everything is in one place. It’s easy to search and look at what we’ve done for the client on the fly. We can see which clients might be in need of additional training. FuseDesk has simplified our support.

Ted, one of Access1Source’s key customer-facing team members, values how FuseDesk’s integration to the CRM makes helping the customer easier.

“FuseDesk allows me to be more personal and more prepared for a call,” said Ted. “I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been on the phone with a client and pulled up an important related case from six months ago that’s relevant today.”

A model of excellence.

While other HR software providers may be bigger, Michael and his team remain laser-focused on being better through keeping highly organized–while preserving the personal touch.

If that means late nights and weekends, so people can start that new job, and using humor on the phones to fight the mundane — it all translates to excellence in our book.

Excellence is Attainable.

Find out how businesses like yours are delighting their customers with FuseDesk, THE Integrated Help Desk and Messaging Platform for Small Business.

“Before FuseDesk, we just used email, but we never had accountability. We didn’t have visibility if a case was resolved or if it was resolved properly. Now we can quickly see what past solutions were. With everything in one place it’s easy to search and track what we actually DID for a client on a client by client basis. FuseDesk has simplified our support”

– Michael Santopadre, CEO, Access1Source