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  • Connecting FuseDesk to Zapier

    Connecting FuseDesk to Zapier

    Ready to create a Zap from Zapier to FuseDesk? It’s easy with FuseDesk for Zapier. First, log into Zapier and click to Create Zap. You can then choose to Create a Custom Zap or start with a Template. Create a Custom Zap If you choose to create a custom zap, the first step will be […]

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  • Graphly FuseDesk Report Dashboards

    Graphly FuseDesk Report Dashboards

    Graphly can beautifully display your FuseDesk reports side by side to your other data. Connecting Graphly to FuseDesk From Graphly, simply click the gear icon in the top right, select Account, and then Sources. Click the blue Connect button next to the FuseDesk logo to connect Graphly to FuseDesk. Adding FuseDesk Reports to a Board […]

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  • ActiveCampaign: Create a FuseDesk Case from an Automation

    ActiveCampaign: Create a FuseDesk Case from an Automation

    Using ActiveCampaign, you can easily create a new FuseDesk case. First, in ActiveCampaign, head into Automations and then click Edit on an existing automation (or Create an Automation) where you want to create a new FuseDesk Case. Setup your triggers how you like, and then on the righthand side under Actions search for FuseDesk and […]

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