We all want to make our customers happy, but how can we do this in a systemized fashion that leaves all our customers feeling well loved while not driving our staff nuts?

Join customer delight expert Jeremy Shapiro and systems specialist Brian Keith on a journey of transformation in their new book “Delight Your Customers” which walks you through how to reduce chaos and grow your sales with FuseDesk.

Meet our four heroes, businesspeople on a mission to do the best possible job for their clients

FuseDesk Book Cover


Richard, the front line customer service representative who loves his job but feels constantly behind.


Martha, his manager, who runs a customer service team of 3 and is tired of putting out fires


Barb, the business owner, who knows her product is great but has a nagging feeling her Customer Support team could be running better than it is


Clara, their customer, who justifiably wants her support experience to be fun and not frustrating

In “Delight Your Customers” you’ll follow our four heroes (which exist in your business too, even if you may be a combination of two of them) as they struggle to get customer service “right”.

As they transform their customer service department from a cost center focused on easing frustration to a profit center focused on providing unexpected delight, you’ll also dive in to how FuseDesk supports this transformation at each stage of the journey.

“Delight Your Customers” ships in PDF form in 2021. Join the wait list below to be notified when it ships.

Meet The Authors

FuseDesk Founder Jeremy Shapiro is a Customer Delight evangelist, sought after speaker, published author, and guest expert on the topic of Excellence in Customer Delight. He also competitively cycles unreasonably long distances on unreasonable bicycles for vegan pastries and good coffee.

Brian Keith Red Beard

Brian Keith helps business owners systematize operations and professionalize their teams at Red Beard Consulting LLC. He has relied on FuseDesk for 5 years as the gold standard of customer ticketing software. He also climbs mountains and is the most novice white belt in ju jitsu you’ve ever met.

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